This past weekend (Well, since Thursday!) I have been in NYC for Teen Vogue’s Fashion University. It was amazing, and if you’d like pictures from that posts will be up soon on my fashion blog

It ended Sunday around noon, but my flight doesn’t leave until 7PM this evening, so I decided to spend today roaming around central park. Completely oblivious to the real work, I was strolling along when I saw three different wedding photo shoots! All you wedding bloggers out there can understand how excited I was too see these special moments. 

In particular, I got the chance to speak to a beautiful couple who were celebrating their one year anniversary and “rocking the dress!” They were so sweet and nice that they let me take their picture for you all to see. 

I hope I get to see more pictures from their shoot because Central Park was so beautiful, but here is a peak from their special day!

For more real-life weddings, since I don’t tend to post too many since my small neck of the woods isn’t very into weddings, check out, they have my favourites. 

Aren’t they stunning? Best wishes to the happy couple! 

xoxo Kyli  

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I’ll be back officially in 5 days ! My labour intensive summer will be over with once school starts on the 27th, so you’ll be seeing lots more of me on your dash xo but for now I’ll be setting up a small queue to get you through until then ;) love you all, thank you so much for following !

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